A traditional Japanese HANKO seal from Kamakura

makes the perfect, personalized keepsake

in the heart of Kamakura, traditional Japanese culture not only endures, it flourishes. Here you’ll find historic temples, shops and statues with origins that can be traced back to the Kamakura period (1185-1333), when samurai ruled the nation. As Japan’s capital during this time, Kamakura became an important center for thedissemination of hanko culture. What better souvenir from this great city than a custom hanko of your own?

The Kamakura Hanko Difference

While you can find hanko almost anywhere, Kamakura Hanko offers a truly unique service. All production processes are handled inhouse, including character entry, rough engraving, finishing, stamping and certificate creation. What’s more, all seal stocks are blessed at one of Kamakura's most important shrines to ensure its new owner is endowed with good fortune. For an extra good luck boost, your name can be stylized to create an auspicious design – said to improve your chances in love, business, and other areas in life. Regardless of whether you believe in gaining luck like this, a handcrafted hanko is an excellent way to give a good impression to others.