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Japanese typeface. Like hiragana, kanji was made by the transition usage of Manyokana kanji, a from of syllabary used in Manyoshu.Hiragana wasu born by character written in Shoho style, while Katakana wasu born by its simplification. In the Heian period Manyokana was used reading Chinese texts in Japanese but to write fast and briefly, this made katakana crucial.


Kanji is a type of ideograms. It was originally made in China to transcript Chinese. Today it is used only in parts of Taiwan and South Korea.
Looking at the composition of Kanji, they are shapes of things, copies of abstract concepts and a combination of both. There are exceeding number of fifty thousand kanjis, but in fact, six thousand to seven thousand are used in litera-ture while three thousand are only used daily bases.


Japanese typeface. Kanji characters written in Shoho style. Hiragana is a futher simplified version. From the beginning through the middle of the Heian period, surnames were developed mainly because it was used to mainly write songs and letters.


Each letter in general is one kind of a phonetic transcript that includes consonants and vowels which also refers to a traditional arrangement of letters. The word “alphabet” comes from α ,β “alpha”and “beta” which are the two letters that comes first in Greek.


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