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Name Customization: Your name can be carved in English characters, katakana, hiragana or kanji. For municipal use (at banks, etc.), we recommend that you provide your name in katakana. 


Enter your name in the "Engraving name" section (in the alphabet of your choice, or in English characters only if you cannot type in Japanese characters). After receiving your order, we will send you a confirmation email with customization options within 5 days of order.


Customization options include:

  • alter the number of character strokes in your name to maximize the seal’s “luckiness”
  • choosing the color of your seal case
  • make any additional requests regarding your engraving name

We will then conduct a surname analysis and send you a draft image of your double-ringed custom seal. Because each hanko are unique, please note that it takes about one month to engrave your seal.

Betula Bark Hanko

  • This handcrafted seal is made from betula bark, a symbol of light and abundance. Betula is also known for its rigidity. Red calligraphy ink and a silver-framed case with floral and fan designs are included.

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