Traditional HANKO

“We take into account the total balance of the characters when designing each hanko,”

We will look at your name and judge whether it’s considered lucky or unlucky based on the number of strokes in each character.
We can subtly adjust the number of strokes through their design to create a “lucky” name. For this seal, they use only the highest quality materials from Yamanashi and all materials are blessed at a shrine beforehand. 

our consultation allows customers a profound glimpse into a fascinating tradition that relies upon an intricate balance of numerous elements to provide just the right hanko for each individual. 

It is a complex equation that takes into account not only a person’s name and personality, but also the specific aspects of their life that they wish to emphasize in order to invite good fortune:

 love, money, family, success, material wealth and human relationships, among others. 

​Working closely with each customer to carefully select the desired font and size, we then exercise exact precision when carving the hanko to be sure that the positioning and thickness of every stroke in every character is reflecting the specific desired attributes.

​Also of primary consideration is the stroke count in the characters used for the hanko, with the total number assigned a meaning that is considered fundamentally positive or negative.

 While many parents in Japan carefully consider this sort of stroke geometry when naming their newborn children, circumstances can shift later in life — such as when one acquires a hanko following a name change via marriage.In cases where the new stroke count totals an inauspicious number, we can make adjustments through our carving method.


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